Vitality Chiropractic




Vitality Chiropractic is run by Tucson Chiropractor, Dr. Geoff Huls, and it emphasizes a whole-lifestyle approach to health and wellness.

Vitality’s website presents the most important information in easy-to-find places: when they’re open, where they’re located, and the new patient intake form. This way, office staff takes fewer calls about directions, hours, or forms. Additionally, a featured newsletter sign-up field helps to get patients signed up for constant contact via email.

The practice’s site combines modern, responsive web design with the aesthetics of Vitality Chiropractic’s branding and complementary color scheme.

Print and Identity


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Vitality’s business cards were printed on transparent stock resulting in an appealing interaction between the logo and contact information. With a high quality business card you’d be reluctant to throw away, Vitality’s contact information can remain on hand for easy patient referrals and contact with the office.