TM International

TM International is the world’s largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos, and also makes a variety of paint books and sticker sets for kids.

Much of my work was in creating mock-ups of products for large chain stores such as Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, and Spirit to show what products would look like when delivered, such as this Día de los Muertos temporary tattoo set.

Above: The final image

Right: Detail

Some of these projects are done for licensors such as Marvel (Avengers, Captain Marvel, Captain America), and Nickelodeon (Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Mattel (My Little Pony, Nella the Princess Knight, Sunny Day).

Other projects are done in-house, such as classroom materials, paint books, and sticker books. I created packaging and interiors for all of these properties during my time there, as well as promotional images and catalogs for the temporary tattoo and promotional materials side.