Edible Baja Arizona – Digital



The Edible Baja Arizona website’s redesign is a sort of continuous thing – but it began by starting anew. With large images that reflect the content-focused magazine, it’s become much easier to navigate and read. Behind the scenes, many new resources for advertisers, more blog posts, and some super-secret projects are also coming online.


Source Guide

We helped organize Edible Baja Arizona’s complex directory system into a cohesive web architecture. The unique challenge was to align our system with a preexisting framework. We studied several directories using the same system, identified which elements could be changed, and designed the system based on projected user stories. We then worked with developers to produce accurate design specifications. The mobile source guide can be accessed at

Users start at the landing page which offers multiple avenue of search. The first option is to choose a category which leads to filtered results. Second, the user can tap the menu for the choice of browsing by region or cuisine. Lastly, more specific results can be accessed through the search feature.


The Edible Source Guide displays labels through custom fields. They include the attributes: VIP Deal, Local First Member, and Distribution Point. The individual pages show descriptive categories and interactive business information.




Lyric designed two ads for the online Source Guide which appeared in 2015’s July, September, and November issues of Edible Baja Arizona.