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Here’s my Resume and References.

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One of many cover photos by Steven Meckler. Skull decor by Juliette Beaumont. I did the sugar pile styling with canned air. The cover won an Arizona Press Club Award: 2nd place in Statewide tabloid/magazine cover design.

Cover illustration by Chris Gall. Concept developed by Chris, myself, and the publisher. I’m forever amused by the “eggs.”

Cover photo by Steven Meckler. This cover won National Silver ADDY Award®, in addition to Gold local and District awards. Every tray was filled with actual food; I took the mac & cheese home.

Cover photo by Dominic Bonuccelli (the “try not to die” guy in this Lonely Planet video) at Birreria Guadalajara. Megan Kimble and I wanted a cover that looked messily delicious — not too polished.

Image by the amazing Bill Lesch. I will always take pride in getting away with a well-loved cover for a food magazine with rotting fruit and dead bugs.

Cover photo by Steven Meckler. Bread by Barrio Bread. I always aimed for images that could only be from Baja Arizona. Won an Arizona Press Club Award: 3rd place in Statewide magazine cover design.

Photo by Jackie Alpers of Food Network fame. Originally taken for a feature about salsas, I edited the slate and background colors, some splotches and the shadows, all in Photoshop.

Illustration by Bobby Long. I came up with the concept, along with the spine title (“Apis Never Shrugs”).

Another Steven Meckler photo. We decided to feature olives, but I wanted to absolutely upend the usual associated color palette. I did all of the arrangement.

The final cover of Edible Baja Arizona. Megan had wanted to do a lotería theme for a while, and I wanted to reference previous covers. Illustrations were by Emily Costello, who painted them on large boards; I assembled and did the type in Photoshop.


Title page for Hotel Congress Breathes History; my work in Photoshop caused a lot of double-takes.

The original image.

Feature Title Pages

I was very excited about getting particular photos of the thoroughly-surreal, nocturnal, building-sized lettuce gathering machine and its operators.

When you get photos from the Pulitzer-winning Jack Dykinga, you get out of the way and let the pictures tell the story.

Photo by Steven Meckler. I requested the shot specifically based on the article introduction.

Interior Spreads

What the Ancestors Ate - from the Sep/Oct 2015 issueThis layout won a Statewide second-place AZ Press Club award for multi-page design. The judges from the Boston Globe said, “Beautiful photography — well-chosen and dramatically displayed — is the key to this powerful presentation.”

This is the result of the request: “Steve, I need a really spectacular pull quote.” The photo by Steve Meckler is true-to-life color; the lab used red and blue LED lights.

Entrusting Land - March/April 2016 IssueDuring layout, I used variations of the brush font characters to avoid obvious duplications.

A rare image-free layout. I used the pull quote to get the sections to the top of the columns. The excerpt is in the wonderful Fell Types typeface.

Edible Baja Arizona Media Kit Excerpts

Edible Baja Arizona Media KitThe EBA Media Kit used spot-gloss for the colored areas.

Edible Baja Arizona Source Guide

Website design for the magazine’s online directory

A collaborative project between the magazine and my own company, Impulse Nine Media. We worked with, a producer of websites mostly aimed at alt-weekly paper. We designed it to be clean and usable for our somewhat elderly demographic.

Tucson Jazz Festival

Program for the annual week-long festival.

All photography by Steven Meckler. We scout the locations together, I do most of the concept work, and some photo assistant work.


Desert Museum Annual Gala Program & Materials

This large collection of printed material for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum won a Silver ADDY award. We worked with four different artists, the printer, and a volunteer committee.

Various Print Designs

We spent a joyful few days researching the design of the early-to-mid-1990’s to make this ad.

This huge 8″ x 8″ ad was in the University of Arizona’s student newspaper.

Wine labels for Sonoita Vineyards in southern Arizona.


Bonus Portfolio Item:
Diacritic Acid Test
and other Type Geekery

I use the following string of characters to test fonts. It’s what I used when finding a body text for the sadly-no-longer-extant Baja Arizona Magazine. The characters that most-often are left out are the Vietnamese characters (such as in Phở), and the ratio mark (which is smaller and higher than a normal colon).


I also despise typographic widows and orphans, and will bend an entire layout to get section headers to the top of a column. Finally, here’s the current status of a font I’m making based on my wife’s handwriting (I’ve just started on integrating the 100+ ligatures):