Arizona Primary Eye Care

Promotional Materials for University of Arizona Campus Location

Eye exams campaign

These posters address a very specific, mundane concern of the optometrist’s office: Students walking by the Student Union office didn’t realize there was an actual exam room with a qualified ophthalmologist, instead only seeing the sunglasses they sold.

We solved this specific problem by creating huge, 4′ x 3′ posters displayed in the windows. The informal and targeted language is meant to connect to the college students passing by – possibly looking up from cute cat photos on their phones.

In tiny, tiny text (6pt) in various places on the posters, there’s a line that says, “If you can read this, you probably just need sunglasses.”

Other APEC promotions (postcards, TV, newspaper)

I’m always looking for ways to include diverse models in ads, and this postcard (aimed at sororities) is no exception.

This ad is displayed on the TVs throughout the Student Union.

This postcard is aimed at faculty and staff. The idea to use an eye chart to spell something out isn’t unique, but it is very useful in pointing out an eye care store, telling an important part of the story before the recipient has even read the first word.

This ad was printed 12″ x 12″ in the very-popular Basketball Edition of the University’s Daily Wildcat newspaper. It was pretty overwhelmingly colorful, and got a lot of feet in the door. We also enjoyed the fun and bespoke nature of the byline “Literally helping you watch more Wildcat basketball.”




APEC’s website is a fairly simple WordPress theme with photos by myself and a professional we hired and I art directed. The primary challenge for the APEC website was making sure that its patient forms were secure, fulfilling our HIPAA obligations with SSL protection.