A Greater Nogales

This project is in collaboration with WestWord Vision. We studied how content and expertise overlap and are differentiated in the 4 organizations: Nogales USA, Nogales Community Development, The Port Authority, and the Nogales Economic Development Foundation. The resulting information architecture forms the collective group, A Greater Nogales. A unified community identity with shared vocabulary, a single style of navigation, and visual consistency was maintained throughout.

Our goal for the four sites is to change people’s perception and conversations about Nogales by promoting facts, new perspectives, regional context and personal stories.

Nogales USA




By combining stunning photography with contemporary typefaces and a vibrant color palette, the Nogales USA site more accurately reflects the energetic community where people from all parts of the globe live, work and play.



Nogales Community Development


The Nogales Community Development (NCD) site offers resources to the community like small business loans, entrepreneur support, and a technology resource center. We adjusted the NCD color palette to reflect the professional nature of the content. Once selected, tiles on the left preview content so users can explore without navigating to a separate page. Fields below allow data to be presented in the form of infographics.






Port Authority



The Port Authority site appeals to our international citizens—workforce, managers, and executives— who are enjoying the best of both worlds. Thousands freely cross the U.S.-Mexico border every day using Nogales, Arizona’s infrastructure. Information about border crossing times, construction, and a live port web cam work to dispel the misleading reputation of Nogales, which has become a bottom line business problem.



Design for the Nogales Economic Development Foundation is in progress. The Nogales USA, Nogales Community Development, and Port Authority sites are currently in development.