Steve, owner and lead designer

Graphic and Web Designer (and also owner)

Steve grew up in Glendale, Arizona, earned his Eagle Scout, attended Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, and entertained himself by making album covers for bands that didn’t exist, starting with CorelDRAW! version 3. He first used ‘impulse 9’ as an online handle in 1996-or-so on a BBS run by another student. After getting a nasty reality check from Calculus, he changed course from aeronautical engineering to graphic design and a music composition minor at the University of Arizona.

Although music and graphic design have always been a part of his personal and professional life, he’s also worked as a teacher for a grade school and a high school, as a DJ, and general IT troubleshooter. He has been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and the top of Mt. Fuji, fought crime with the Phoenix Suns, and accidentally wrote a script for an Obama ’08 campaign ad. He has written a few albums, enjoys cheese, and listens to post-rock music. He lives with 3 cats, his wife, and her dog.

What Impulse Nine Media does

We’re a small company that helps small or medium-sized businesses. We like helping people who like what they do for a living, and would rather do those things than stress out about their website, how their flyers look, and whether their brand is making sales. They outsource that stuff to us, and we do whatever needs to be done. Sometimes that’s not much, sometimes it’s a lot. Sometimes it’s not much, and then suddenly it’s a lot, or vice-versa.

We like people

In all our work, we are talking to people – in person, via email, over the phone. We chose this line of work because we really like solving problems and making really beautiful, functional designs. An important part of that is getting to know exactly what our clients want, and that means communicating, early, often, effectively, and honestly. We won’t hide from you, and we’ll get back to you in a reasonable amount of time – even if it’s just to let you know we’re up to our eyeballs in a project and we’ll get back to you tomorrow. (Of course, if it’s an emergency, we’ll put on our superhero capes and take care of you.)

We’ve also long since learned how to both take and give an honest, dissenting opinion. Those are at least as important to good design as the agreements.

Let’s talk

If you’re not sure whether Impulse Nine Media is your best bet, there’s really one way to find out: Get in touch!

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